Eggs: How long are fresh?

09-03-2018 Sungi

Some consumers think that the date stamped on the package or shell refers to the need that no longer legally unfit for human consumption time. But in fact, from July 1, 2005, European legislation obliges indicate the preferred consumption, established in 28 days after commissioning, which is shortened to 9 days for the category of extra fresh.
Then you can not guarantee that the egg conserve "their specific properties," but if it is good quality and has been stored under appropriate conditions, can safely eat up to 35 days after laying; ie has one more week of life with respect to what is marked. Some studies suggest that this term can extend even more.
And there is another aspect to consider: Not all eggs are equal. Influenced by many factors: from the hen and the farm where their journey to our table until the chain starts conservation and storage. By the way, the consumer can always resort to the traditional method of discard if floating in a glass of water.
More information on the subject in this article When the hell expires at number 385 very interesting, written by Joaquim Elcacho.


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