English: How to improve your fluency

19-12-2017 xi65

I have a good level of English, but when I try to express my jam, I doubt, do not leave me what do I do? We explain the key points for a fluent English. When you think positive and do not allow small errors when the express bother you, you've taken a big step to improve your spoken English. When you worry too much about making mistakes while speaking these enter a vicious circle difficult to leave, unconsciously you are curbing your oral fluency. It is difficult to keep a positive attitude and confidence doing something you do not control 100%, but you get. Try not to think while talking if what you're saying is right or wrong, this will make your fluency in English will suffer. Try to escape the insecurity. When we learn to speak small, we do not think if what we say is right or wrong, corrections that make us each other is what makes our speech and express will improve. In this case it equals. Let your English flow, if someone does not understand you or correct you ask. First you have to set your mind is - I know I can speak very well, and not let anyone nothing made me feel ashamed when I speak English! Once you've set your mind in this sense, you will have made 30% of the work. The next thing you have to do to get a more natural and easy English is forget to look up words in English that normally would not use in Spanish. Not speak English we look more cultured or educated, you speak English according to your personality and your way of thinking, say you should not look for an academic speak English This does not mean that you forget what you've been taught, your mind will simply selecting those words learned that you need to express yourself according to your conversations and your circumstances. That is, when you speak English, feel completely free to use "up" rather than "increase" for example, in your mother tongue surely you would. When we speak English we tend to think we're going to say before you say, organize the words in our mind, not wanting to translate our language. This is a very grave error, if you need to think before you speak, think in English, your conversation is formed of two things, thinking in English and English performance. If you want to get fluent English, improve your confidence first, then improve your English.