First ideas for decorating birthday party of a child

30-05-2017 rakinar

Balloons, cake and broken smiles accompany the average first birthday party. While the birthday child will not remember the event, a festive feast makes memorable anniversary for parents and other guests. Decorations set the tone for the party, adding color and excitement to the party place. Choose decorations that match your style and budget.


balloons filled with helium capture the attention of young people with their seemingly magical ability to float. They offer an inexpensive option for first decorative birthdays. Create clusters of balloons filled with helium by attaching the strings to a balloon weight or a small toy. Leave some balls themselves, which allows them to float to the ceiling. Offer individual balloons as a favor for guests. Consider making a balloon arch for young children to walk through as they enter the party area.

Photo Display

A birthday child's photo display adds a personal touch to the decoration. Create a collage of photos that cover the range from birth to their first birthday. Add special captions for pictures to provide more details. Another option is to place several pictures of the birthday child in a digital photo frame or create a video slideshow. Let photos or slideshow play throughout the game, allowing customers to see them as they mingle.

Cuts Number

Number cutouts add a decoration for walls and suitable for all first theme birthday party. Draw a giant number one on a piece of cardboard or poster board. Paint the cut to match the other decorations. Add glitter, stickers and other embellishments for digital cutouts. View the numbers on the walls or hanging to ceiling all throughout the party room. Make the cuts at the tables. Make a Birthday Banner by gluing small cuts to a long ribbon.

Themed Decorations

Themes add additional decorative options for a first birthday party. Typical topics include princes and princesses, animals, rubber ducks, cars and favorite characters for children. Commercial or craft-related theme decorations add a festive touch to tables, walls and other areas of the party room. The theme also contributes to the selection of favors for the guests at the party, which can also be used as party decor.