Food Against Cellulite - What foods Avoid if You Have Cellulite

16-12-2017 Joxyl

Who says there's nothing cellulite, does not tell the truth. Cellulite affects everyone in varying degrees, especially if you are a woman. So in addition to any existing treatment to combat cellulite, it is interesting that you know which foods are forbidden if you want to prevent and stop this progress of cellulite.

There are numerous natural and commercially creams treatments to reduce and combat cellulite, but diet also plays an important role in the overall treatment. So it is not only necessary to know which foods can help reduce cellulite, but you also need to know that there are foods that are prohibited within a diet to eliminate cellulite. So on this occasion, we will tell you.

Food List to Prevent Cellulite:

  • Cakes and pastries: although some sweet is good, especially if it's chocolate, excessive consumption of sweets and cakes can be harmful for cellulite. The intake of simple sugars can cause fluid retention, which assists in the appearance of cellulite. For this reason, if you want to avoid cellulite, reducing or eliminating foods high in simple sugars.
  • Drinking: these drinks are not good to prevent cellulite, because alcohol acts as a vasodilator, and can accelerate or enhance the appearance of cellulite, especially in its early stages.
  • Foods rich in sodium: this mineral if consumed in excess may cause fluid retention, which may accelerate the appearance of cellulite process. So if you want to avoid and prevent cellulite, you must remove or reduce consumption of foods high in sodium. Remember that in the diet are foods with hidden salt.
  • Coffee, a little coffee is good, but excessive drinking can increase cell volume and worsen cellulite. As well as other foods, you must remove or reduce it from your diet.

Although cellulite is an enemy of aesthetic lurking, this can be avoided and / or prevented by following some of these suggestions. Thus, you should be aware and avoid consuming these foods to reduce cellulite in the body.