Health Tips for Work

16-12-2017 iFenix

Work all day sitting can lead to serious health problems. To prevent more serious injuries, let's look at some health tips.

There are two concepts of posture. The elegant, which is given as correct by most people and the right, which depends on several aspects to ensure the health professional.

We must make our joints working properly and not just target the aesthetic. Should function as a regulated car, all embedded and acting perfectly.

Just sit in the position seen as elegant does not. You must be aware of the existing pain and problems that must be corrected over time. When a person makes the correct posture and feel pain, you should adjust its links with analytical physiotherapy, so your body can function properly.

The analytical physical therapy, work with standardization articulate manual methods. The concept, known as Sohier, who arrived in Brazil for 10 years and seeks to improve the stability of the locomotor system.

When sitting, one must place the stem in a straight position on the back of the chair. Both feet should touch the floor and legs should not be crossed, this can create mismatches in the basin. Smaller people can use specific footrests. Try not to slip forward over the seat of the day.