How Spray Bulldog Adhesion Promoter

17-12-2017 ltsean

Bulldog adhesion promoter is a solvent manufactured by Klean-Strip preparing plastic surfaces for painting base coat. The adhesion promoter is ideal for use on plastic, such as bumpers, hoods that are flexible and have poor adhesion properties to automotive paint. The adhesion promoter effectively replaces primer paint, so that any surface imperfections must be corrected before application. The adhesion promoter is available as a solution for use in spray guns the air supplied, and an aerosol.

Things you need

Wax remover / degreaser

Scouring Agent

Tack cloth

Bulldog Adhesion Promoter

Automotive paint gun with a pressure regulator and air compression.

Use of the aerosol can

Clean the work piece with a wax and grease remover. Scour the surface with an abrasive cleanser or compound and then rinse the residue with a steady stream of water. If the water beads on the surface, it should be discarded more until the water comes out of the sheet portion.

Dry the surface to be painted. Move the part to a paint booth and remove any dust with an air blower and a tack cloth.

Spray on the adhesion promoter even passes until the entire part was covered. Allow the adhesion promoter to flash dry for three to five minutes, then apply a second coat. If sufficient adhesive remains in the box, add a third layer after the second layer was flash dried for three to five minutes.

Continue to paint the part through the application of the base layer according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. It is preferable to apply the base layer before the adhesion promoter was dried.

The application of the adhesion promoter solution with an HVLP spray gun

Prepare the work piece as with the aerosol solution in steps 1 and 2 above. If the party does not immediately receive a base layer, mix one part adhesion promoter primer with two parties. Load the adhesion promoter in an air-powered paint gun and adjust the pressure to 40 PSI 30, or according to the manufacturer's instructions for HVLP gun.

Spray two or three layers of adhesion promoter, which allows it to flash dry three to five minutes between coats. If the adhesion promoter is mixed with a primer, more time may be necessary to enable it to harden.

Load the spray gun with basecoat four pieces mixed with a part of adhesion promoter. Mix the two allows the adhesion promoter to act as a bending agent on plastic parts. Apply the base layer according to the paint manufacturer's instructions.

Apply the varnish mixed with the adhesion promoter in a ratio of 4: 1, once the base layer is as dry as recommended by the manufacturer clearcoat. Apply as many coats as necessary clear and allow the part to dry completely.

Tips & Warnings

If the portion is painted is not flexible, then do not mix the adhesion promoter with the base coat or clear coat.