How to set up surround sound in STR-K700

18-12-2017 jCHAINSMOKER

Surround sound can significantly increase your audio experience, whether watching a movie or listening to your favorite music. The STR-K700 is the HT-DDW700 Home Theater System Receiver Sony component, which means that all the audio you want to hear through your system must be sent to the STR-K700 before it is then channeled through your speakers. Knowing how to connect and organize your home theater system is essential to optimize your experience of surround sound properly.

Things you need

Sony HT-DDW700 Home Theater System, which includes:

STR-K700 Reciever

Speakers SS-MSP700 before

Center Speaker SS-CNP700

Surround speakers SS-SRP700

SS-WP700 Sub Woofer

RM-AAU006 remote

Optimizer microphone ECM-AC2

Audio Source

RCA, digital optical or digital coaxial cable


Place your speakers where you sit while you listen. The two front speakers and center speaker should be in front of you, while the surround speakers should be behind you. You can place the subwoofer anywhere you want.

Plug the cable from the enclosure of the subwoofer into the socket on the receiver marked "Sub Woofer". The black portion of the speaker wire goes into the bottom socket "Sub Woofer", marked by a minus sign, while the white wire goes into the top jack "Sub Woofer", marked by a plus sign. Connect all other speakers this way.

Connect your receiver, then press the "I / O" to turn off. Now press the "I / O" for five seconds, or until the screen displays "compensation", and wait until it reads "Cleared." This restores the factory settings of the unit.

Connect the optimizer microphone to the jack "Auto Cal Mic" on the receiver and place it in the center of your speaker configuration or close to where you would normally sit. Make sure all speakers face the microphone and press "Auto Cal" on the remote. Now wait for automatic calibration to take its course, when the display shows "complete".

Use an RCA cable, digital optical or digital coaxial cable to connect your audio source to the corresponding input on your receiver.

On the remote, press "AFD" repeatedly to cycle through the sound field available and choose one that is appropriate for your configuration. Assuming you are using a 5 speakers, 1-subwoofer configuration, select whether you are watching a movie, or listening to music.

Turn on your audio source and try to play something through the system to test the sound.

Tips & Warnings

The "Cinema" and "Music" button on the remote control will allow you to reproduce the sound characteristics of different cinemas and concert halls.