How to turn off the light service on a 1998 V70

09-06-2017 sexceed

Some letters seem designed for certain types of cars. If you see an "X", "Y" or "Z", then it is probably fair to assume that the manufacturer thought he had something special or different; maybe a hardcore racing car or a crossover. An "R" or "S" usually means something elegant or sporty, and thus has "V." But Volvo did not think like other manufacturers, so the "V" in "V70" means "versatile" - which sounds about right for a break.

Resetting the Light

On other Volvo models around this time, Volvo built a procedure to reset the car engine service light without a scanner. Most involve pressing the button on the odometer. In this case, however, you'll need a specific scan tool Volvo. Unfortunately, Volvo hides many of its functions in its custom programming, so a standard OBD-II scanner parts store probably will not work to clear your codes. It depends on what particular store and scanner they use. For one thing is certain, you will need to go to the dealer, go to an independent shop specializing in Volvo Volvo or buy a specific scanner. You can pick one up for around $ 100 to $ 200 online.