Let snore snore!

08-03-2018 Fil0syan

An end to the bad habit of disturbing the partner snoring! What most people, especially women, do not know: Snoring is solely the repeller is nocturnal stalking ghosts, trolls, dwarves and evil wild animals to the woman's bed!

Men need to be commended and admired, with their self-sacrificing snoring guard the sleeping woman by keeping dwarfs, trolls, wildlife, etc. with the unbearable for these beings sound of snoring from her bed away.

So women, Tip of the year: Thank you dear in your own husbands, that they protect you, they will thank you with even louder snoring!

Evidence that is this statement:

  • In one of my girlfriends was, as long as they at night nudged her husband several times with his elbow to go back to sleep to the next morning still empty eaten half the fridge! That is so that someone / could sneak something because the poor man was allowed to drive him / it not snore!
  • Since snoring men increasingly, fewer and fewer spirits, trolls or wild animals are spotted in domestic bedrooms!
  • My copy may snore and thanks very nicely after each snoring breath with a loud smacking against my ear for it ...