ProduktTipp AQUA Peeling of alverde

09-03-2018 fireveen

Today a product tip from me, for my absolute favorite exfoliation of alverde, I can only recommend. Since I tend to large pores and occasional breakouts, I often make a scrub, which helps good and shrinks the pores.

I use for several weeks now the Aqua Peeling of alverde, it is only available at dm and 75 ml costs under 2 euros. I am very happy and can you also recommend it. I'm also often peels with sugar, honey, etc., but 1 time a week I like to use the Aqua Peeling. It is completely vegan and one notices that after the skin much softer, smoother and refined feel, I also like the smell very much like, smells of the sea.

After peeling one has so often a tension on the skin, but that is in this exfoliating not the case, you realize that it donates a lot of moisture and thus I must not even lotion large. I see success, because my complexion has become well refined and pimples are less. I think the manufacturer has not promised too much.