Replaces SMS TAN procedure against Smart TAN Optic

12-12-2017 midwedyomayo

Actually, I had at my bank always set up so that if I want to create an online bank transfer, the TAN get sent to my cell phone number. Until I then someday my phone was stolen and someone Third had fun with it and has been trying times, also to find my account information out and suddenly money was transferred, of which I knew nothing and what I had not been commissioned. Then I got a new number ... which was not changed at the bank and accordingly I got, then as I wanted to make a referral online, sent no TAN to this number. Last, I note that my bank now settles even 0.10 Euros per SMS and so I have to pay per bank transfer or modification of a standing order online. I then inquired about the internet and found out that there already are the Smart TAN Optic methods at my bank. Now I have such a box at home, and use this procedure, which saves me money on the one hand and seems to be much safer for others.