Set Up Windows Vista to connect to a wireless network

27-07-2017 noiseexplosion

After youâ € ™ ve set up your wireless network, you need to tell Windows Vista to connect. You begin to connect to a wireless network from the Start Vistaa € ™ s menu.

To connect to a wireless network, either your own or in a public place, as follows:

Turn off your wireless adapter, if needed.

Some computers, the wireless adapter is started automatically, so this step isnâ € ™ t necessary.

Choose Connect from the Start menu.

Windows will display all wireless networks within range. Donâ € ™ t be surprised to find several listed networks. Vista lists each available connection in three ways: by name, security and signal strength.

Connect to the network you want by clicking its name and clicking Connect.

If you are watching your networkâ € ™ s name, click it and then click the Connect button.

If you donâ € ™ t scoff your networkâ € ™ s name, go to step 6.

Choose whether youâ € ™ re connection at home, work or a public location.

When you connect, Vista asks you if youâ € ™ re connecting from home, work, or a public location so it can add the proper layer of security.

Enter a password, if required, and click Connect.

Donâ € ™ t see your wireless networkâ € ™ s name? Go to step 6.

Connect to an unlisted network.

If Vista doesnâ € ™ t list your wireless networkâ € ™ s name, two culprits involved are: low level or, for security, the network is hidden.

Click a wireless network listed as Unnamed network and click Connect.

When asked, enter the networkâ € ™ s and, if necessary, the password specified in step 5. After Vista has the networkâ connect € ™ s real name and password, Vista will.