Ten great phrases of Hegel

09-03-2018 Cargetter

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German idealist philosopher, was born on August 27, 1770 and managed to incorporate a great philosophical synthesis all the knowledge of his time. On the anniversary of his birth we collect some of his best lines.
"Reading the newspaper is the morning prayer of modern man."
"The drama is not choose between good and evil, but between good and good."
"Nothing great has been done in the world without passion."
"Whoever wants everything really wants nothing and gets nothing."
"Contradiction is the root of all movement."
"Have the courage to be mistaken."
"What man really is, has to be ideally."
"The village is that the state does not know what he wants."
"The rage that overcomes the defeat rival."
"Thought, as well as the will, must begin with obedience."