The best sports for asthmatics

18-07-2017 Fruitis

People with asthma can play sports? If you ever thought about this question, now let's clarify your question. Exercise is highly recommended for asthmatics, since the practice responsibly, knowing full well its limitations and to follow the doctor's recommendations. So today we will explain what is the best exercise for patients with this chronic disease.

Best sports for asthmatics

The most recommended sports for those who have asthma are: swimming, volleyball, hiking, among others, provided they are treated. In general, physical exercises that combine moments that require maximum power with quieter and less physical activity.

The worst sports

Asthma patients should avoid these sports or exercise that require a lot of energy for long periods.

Team up with everything you need

In any case, before choosing a sport, you should know their limitations and physical condition. And when in doubt, be sure to check with your doctor, because no one better than him who knows your case and therefore also your needs.

Start practicing sport gradually gradually increasing the pace and intensity. And of course, team up with the clothes and the right accessories. And do not forget bronchodilator that you can use when you feel the slightest discomfort. Do not expect to get worse.