What is a natural toothbrush?

27-07-2017 ThexPups

A natural toothbrush is one in which the bristles - and sometimes the entire brush - are made of materials which in nature. This can include the branches of some trees, especially the Salvadora persica tree. In other cases, a toothbrush with bristles from natural sources, such as boar hair or badger hair, can be considered natural. In many cases, no toothpaste is used with a natural tooth.

Historically, people of many cultures around the world used twigs of trees and shrubs to clean their teeth. In the Middle East, the Salvadora persica tree, also called the rack or Peelu tree, or even the "toothbrush tree" is often used for this purpose. According to Islamic tradition, the use of the miswak, which is the branch of it, is recommended prior religious practices, before bedtime and on many other occasions.

The long twig is used after separating the hair by gently biting the end until soft, and then brushing. With advantages similar to those of the pomegranate tree, the tree Arak unique moist, biodegradable branches that stretched easily, naturally produce vitamin C, fluoro, potassium, calcium oxides, and other useful minerals that keep tooth enamel. Natural toothbrushes can for about six weeks. Form and moisture massages the natural tooth's both the teeth and the gums, and it helps whiten teeth, of course, the removal of discolouration that build up over time.

Natural toothbrushes of this type generally considered easy to use and maintain. The outer bark peeled off so that the upper layer of bristles exposing each layer must be removed after use. A fresh new layer of bristles are exposed every day. If this type of tooth brush from drying out, it can be placed in the water for about 10 minutes before use.

Less often, perhaps, a natural toothbrush can also refer to using brushes boar bristles, badger hair and other animal hairs to clean the teeth. The first mass-produced tooth brushes were made with such a natural hair, even though a lot of improvements in the quality of have since been made. Many users believe that natural hair better and healthier for the body, because nylon and other synthetic fibers avoided in most standard toothbrushes. The plastics in most regular toothbrushes also are rarely recycled; natural toothbrushes made of wood and animal hair could be considered environmentally friendly because they are made from sustainable materials.

  • Natural toothbrushes are often made of boar bristle or badger hair.
  • Natural toothbrushes help whiten teeth naturally.