What"s Tissue Regeneration?

11-12-2017 greenoah

Tissue regeneration is a revolutionary medical approach is based on the idea that living tissue can be used to encourage the natural healing process of the body. On its own, the body can repair and regenerate itself, as can be seen in the natural healing of wounds, burns, and bone fractures. Other vertebrates also have this ability, especially certain reptiles that can even regrow amputated limbs. In tissue regeneration is the natural ability of the body to be, repair, and cure stimulated, first of all, by introducing modified living cells in a diseased or damaged portion of the body.

This form of medical healing is also called regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. It is an approach that the principles of medicine, biology and engineering is applicable. Tissue regeneration is mainly used in order to accelerate the healing process, and the recovery of the diseased tissues and organs that do not heal or repair on promoting their own. Regenerative medicine is particularly useful in the healing of bone fractures, burns, chronic wounds and deep, it has also been shown to help repair of damaged nerves and structures of the heart.

Tissue regeneration is made up of three main components, which contain living cells, the matrix which supports them, and mobile communicators. The matrix is ​​the medium in which thrive the living cells, and the cell or communicators communication signaling mechanism that stimulates the cells. All three co-operate in order to promote the regeneration of the living cells and their immediate surroundings. This results in the growth of new tissues to replace the old damaged.

The living cells in tissue regeneration which is usually the same type of cells in the diseased tissue or injured organs. The cells may be derived from the person himself, in which they are autologous cells, can be mentioned. They can also originate from another person, which are called allogeneic cells. It is generally better to use autologous living cells because they are not rejected by the patient € ™ s body. Allogeneic cells donâ € ™ t always work because the patients' € ™ s immune system rejects the foreign cells.

The living cells are artificially propagated in cell banks, many millions of times. When they are ready, they are put together to construct a drug which is then integrated into the diseased tissue in patients € ™ s body. Then construct left alone to promote the natural healing process and hopefully restore the patient's good health. Continuing research and experiments in tissue regeneration is in progress. Doctors and scientists are confident that they have more medical uses for tissue engineering will discover.

  • Tissue Regeneration accelerates the healing process.