A total solar eclipse will be visible from Australia

08-03-2018 snadsnad
During the morning of Wednesday November 14 will begin in Australia a spectacular solar eclipse, which means that the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth at a distance and with a lineup that will make our satellite "look big enough to temporarily block the light from the star, "as described by the European Space Agency, which thanks to its solar observation satellite Proba-2 will contemplate the spectacle from a" ringside seat from its orbit around the Earth. "
The entire eclipse - when the Sun is completely obscured - tundra place tomorrow at 22:11:48 GMT on the South Pacific for four minutes and two seconds. During totality, the sun seems to have a white halo, which is nothing but a fleeting and strange vision of plasma atmosphere, the corona, which reaches millions of degrees. In fact, astronomers use these eclipses to study in detail the crown, releasing torrents of plasma into space, along with solar prominences seen near the end of the solar disk.
During the morning astronomical event, Proba-2 will cross the shadow of the moon several times, getting three partial solar eclipses and their orbits around the Earth. At the moment of total eclipse seen from Australia, however, Proba-2 will see the full solar disk, providing an ideal opportunity to compare the solar corona seen from earth with observations of the Sun from space. The SWAP instrument on the satellite monitor the Sun in ultraviolet light, while LYRA instrument will measure the energy emitted by the Sun, it will be less intense as the sun will go dark.