Galaxy with braids

08-03-2018 romodon9
The Hubble Space Telescope nossorprende today with the image of a galaxy wrapped in a tangle of brillantesfilamentos gas.
This is NGC 1275, one of the closest giant active galaxies, located about 250 million light years from Earth. At its center houses a huge supermassive black hole. The gas swirling around the hole so that bubbles of large gaseous filaments emerge beyond the limits of the galaxy. The amount of gas contained in one of those strands is about a million times the mass of our sun. As explained today Andy Fabian and his colleagues at the University of Cambridge in the journal Nature, the origin of these structures are a strong magnetic tentacles that prevent gas from evaporating or it will collapse under the weight of its own gravity.
The filaments are the only visible manifestation of the intricate relationship between the central black hole and the surrounding cluster gas. Similar tangles also exist around other more distant clusters, but can not be observed in such detail.