No two ears

07-03-2018 coloradokid5
Scientists at Southampton University have developed a new technique to identify people by their ears. It is called "Transforming Ray Picture" and allows you to highlight tubular structures and circular ears, as the helix curved around the upper edge of the ear, to classify and automatically identify individual differences.
Professor Mark Nixon, who in 2005 was the first to show that the ears were a viable biometric parameter and has participated in the new study, says that, compared to other biometric technologies such as face recognition, ears "have a stable structure which it is held from birth to adulthood and that instead of aging simply increases in size. " Furthermore, its shape does not change if we change facial expressions. The only downside would have to solve, according to Nixon, is the fact that the hair can hide the ears.
Tests with the new technology rays have achieved a degree of success of 99.6% identifying ears. The work was presented in Washington at the Fourth International Conference on Biometrics IEEE.