The solar system is not round

09-03-2018 andron616
Voyager 2 has just stepped beyond laheliósfera, the huge magnetic "bubble" that surrounds the sun and susplanetas. And the last data sent by the probe reveal that, far from being a perfect circle, the solar system has a formaaplastada and elongated.
Voyager 2, launched in 1977 along with its twin Voyager 1 with the joint mission to fly the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, has over 30 years traveling through space. Recently the ship crossed the border of the solar system in a closer to the sun than anticipated place, indicating the existence of an irregularity or "dent" in the heliosphere, according to several published studies conclude today in the journal Nature . '' Before we assumed that everything was symmetrical and simple, '' said Leonard Burlaga, one of the astrophysicists surprised that followed the mission from the Goddard Space Center NASA.
The asymmetry could be due to the existing magnetic field between the star systems in the Milky Way, which hits the solar system at a different angle on the south than in the north, probably because of interstellar turbulence from star explosions.
After completing their task, Voyager 2 has continued traveling outside the solar system. Despite the cold and darkness, the probe continues to send data back to Earth powered nuclear batteries.