Exercise to improve the breastplate

06-02-2018 KilltheInfected89

Many men want to lose weight, but at the same time, they want to make spectacular muscle mass.
One way to achieve both goals is to perform exercises that target the chest. Then, such a routine exercise:

Exercises for the chest

1 - Supine Straight
Lie on a flat bench and take a bar with dumbbells or barbells prórios for execution. Place your arms extended forward, and start bending of both, bringing the weight on his chest. When you are touched or touch the chest, extend your arms to reach the starting position. This is one of the most recommended exercises.

2 - inclined bench press
Sit on an incline bench, which is approximately 45 degrees. Begin to perform the same movements previous year. Among all existing routines to strengthen this is that highlight that the breasts reached faster, since it works mainly the upper region of the pectoralis.

3 - Opening with dumbbells
Sit on a flat bench, bend your arms up, and hold the dumbbells above your head, slowly open your arms to shoulder height and create a horizontal line with them. This causes an elongation of the chest, since muscle spreads. With this exercise, it works the pectoralis major part closest to the shoulder.

4 - Crunches
Support arms outstretched and hands cut off at the shoulders, the body begins to push to get the full extension of the arms, and up keeping your feet together. Inhale and bend your arms to bring rib cage closer to the ground, always avoiding the lumbar curve. Repeat four sessions of 10 push-ups.

5 - chest contraction
The pectoral contractor machine is in most gyms. To use it, you should sit up front, arms and forearms on the machine keypad. Exerts force to join the two elements until almost touching each other. A controlled movement, returns to the starting position. This exercise works the lateral and medial region of the major and minor pectoral muscles.

Basic Tips

- Vary the exercises. It is very important not only to maintain a style of movement, preferably varied routines of barbells and dumbbells, as both different muscle work and offer different benefits ..

- First the bank. It is important to begin the exercise routine with these, since they require more energy and can leave the person exhausted.

- Have a training partner. By using the bars, you can move a lot of weight, so it's a good idea to do it with the help of a partner or personal trainer.

- Rest. To reaffirm the chest, the exercises require help from the shoulders, and for this reason it is advisable to work only one zone per day, and leave at least 48 hours of rest between each of the routines.