I am sedentary and want to take care of my health, where do I start?

09-01-2018 natanata

For the sedentary who decided to say goodbye to the sofa to accommodate a more active lifestyle, today we will show you where to start and what to do to not lose the enthusiasm quickly, but we can make exercise a habit for life.

Tips to keep the habit of exercising

Surely many times has it happened to start a physical activity and after a couple of weeks back to a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent this from happening and you can actually achieve your goal of health care, let's talk about how to create the habit of exercising regularly.

First, you must have well-chosen activity because of what we talked about before, namely sport or training that you do must be consistent with your goals, needs, opportunities and tastes, otherwise it will end up getting bored, tired or hurt him soon.

In addition, it is essential that we support the motivation and desire to work in it, we can save the changes and developments we see in us. That is, if now we can lift more weight if we work quickly and have a better performance every time we run more kilometers and why not, reduced weight and centimeters in waist.

Learn about our achievements, though minimal, serves as an incentive and encouragement to not give up.

Also, let's not deny that easily fulfill with our commitment to participate in practice or training, so first you should soak your willpower, dismantle frequent and groundless excuses and do everything possible to participate, because once You will feel the reward for not having given in to the temptation sofa.

Do yourself a place on the agenda and try to respect their commitment to their training such as going to the doctor or a business meeting. So with patience, the formation of about 3 times a week, continuously, time will turn the exercise into a habit of life.

While we can not say exactly how long should we expect to achieve the activity a habit, it is estimated to require about two months for the exercise several times over time becomes a habit and you can not take it our lifestyle and routine.

Remember, patience is everything and can be achieved, it is only necessary hard work and perseverance to overcome the sedentary and get the benefits of a more active lifestyle.