Lose weight after the summer

17-09-2017 mewmew1421

Meals outside the home are more abundant, increasing the intake of alcohol, fats and sweets, abuse those dining in the summer in the form of extra kilos: with it you fattening 2-5 kilos every summer.

Although it seems tempting to quickly lose those extra kilos when we leave the holidays causes a metabolic effect of reducing body mass, but not the percentage of fat, which in the medium and long term favors the weight, which rises more easily. That is why the high protein diets, fast diets or fasting regimens are effective weight loss over the long term and keep it.

Then, following the advice of nutritionists to lose weight, we propose to consider the most healthy and effective key to get rid of the extra kilos that summer showed:

1 - Increases the amount of water consumed for promoting the expulsion of toxins from the kidneys. The diet soda or sugar are also a good option to continue to enjoy the terraces in late summer without additional calories.

2 - Eat five times a day: do not skip breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and supper, so you can keep your metabolism active.

3 - Beware of alcohol, animal fats, animal protein, sugars, refined flours, processed foods and dairy products. Bet on fresh, seasonal produce.

4 - Consumption of fruits and vegetables for their high water and photochemical properties of content increases the production of urine and favors renal function, which helps to cleanse the body. Strawberries, cucumbers, melons, artichokes, asparagus and pineapple are very diuretics are foods that help in this mission. Lettuce, however, is not recommended for people prone to gas or bloating of the abdomen, but also has a diuretic effect.

5 - Limit consumption of salt and processed foods: sausages, canned, smoked, cooked soups, etc.

6 - Betting on plant proteins, such as legumes, tofu and seitan. Do not forget the nutritious and healthy quinoa, you can enjoy delicious and healthy recipes.

7 - Calmar hunger between meals with diuretic effect of cleansing teas such as green tea or ponytail. the milk thistle and boldo are good options for removing toxins that favor the function of the liver and gallbladder agencies should purge to lose weight.

8 - Maintain daily physical activity, however slight, such as walking. You can also choose exercises that help speed metabolism: running, cycling, aerobics, play a game of squash, rowing, swimming or something as simple as walking up stairs and down.