Innovative technology for delicate operations

09-03-2018 Derangel666

Last October intervention really complicated cervical fixation was performed in Zaragoza. However, thanks to an innovative system based on a neuronavegador, a special microscope and a specific software, surgeons were able to complete the operation smoothly.
It was the first operation of its kind carried out in our country. It is a delicate operation, because it works on an area of ​​the body, vertebrae, where any failure can cause irreversible damage to the patient. To perform the surgery, the chief of neurosurgery at the Hospital MAZ mutual Zaragoza, Dr. Ricardo Arregui and his team, decided to use the latest surgical visualization systems. And the operation completed successfully.


This system has three pillars integrated into a single device. First, a high precision microscope Carl Zeiss Opmi Pentero a neuronavegador and a system of image-guided surgery StealthStation S7 developed by Medtronic. The microscope allows auto-focusing at high speed regardless of the increase, while Medtronic technology allows use as if it were a physical pointer navigation. With these three elements, the surgeon knows instantly navigation, diagnostics, etc. without losing sight of the operation, thereby reducing the possibility of failure.

Innovative medical technology


As explained from the hospital, although this technology has already been used in other similar operations, neurosurgery service MAZ Zaragoza "were the first in the world to apply to the cervical area, much more complex due to the proximity to the bone and vital arteries. " Also noting that this method is "the system of greater accuracy and safety to treat brain injuries."


This display technology only exists in two other centers in Spain, being an innovative form of surgery that, as in the case of Zaragoza patient, seems to give good medical results.